~ Pleasure Me, a collection of 20 Erotic Stories, is now available from Xcite Books. The anthology features my story, "About to Come." You can also purchase it from Amazon.com.

~ Some calls of interest:
        Coming Together: In Vein (vampire erotica)
        Coming Together: Hungry for Love (zombie erotica)
        xoxo: Sweet and Sexy Erotic Romance (Kristina Wright and Cleis Press)

~ In honor of the new anthology, my erotic reading list this month consists of a variety of novellas and shorts from Xcite Books! On the list are KD Grace, Sommer Marsden, Elizabeth Coldwell and Shanna Germaine, to mention a few. Follow my progress at GoodReads.

* Sacchi Green, editor of Cleis Press's newest lesbian erotica anthology, is giving away two copies of Girl Fever for FREE! Go to her blog HERE, for details. Names will be drawn June 15th.

Apparently, the next big thing in erotica is pee. Why not?
     * Sex Diaries
     *O&C Erotic Books

Also trending: Zombies. See a call for zombie-related erotica at Coming Together.

Because I'm doing the reading challenge over at GoodReads, I've decided to make the month of June Mischief Book reading month. I've just finished Primula Bond's Sisters in Sin (which I got for free--go to their website HERE to see what they have offered for free at the moment). I thought the book was fabulous, kinky and downright arousing!)

Lisabeth Sarai is hosting Share the Love blogfest to celebrate the Coming Together line. Rub one out for a good cause!

On other Coming Together news, Sommer Marsden has issued a call for zombie erotica (schwing!). You've got until June 31st to submit, so get cracking. Read the guidelines HERE.

Oh, man. Tentacle porn. Better yet, a call for tentacle themed erotica. From Coming Together. From Nobilis Reed. Oh, man. Arm in arm in arm...

Lucy Felthouse is giving away a free PAPERBACK copy of Seducing the Myth, so go to Goodreads to enter to win! You can enter up until December 28th.

Visit Angela Caperton's blog for a free serial erotic horror extravaganza entitled "Carny."

Just found a Call for Submissions page at a Entangled Publishing. Their site is spiffy. Too bad I didn't see the steampunk romance call sooner, but I will definitely be keeping an eye on their calls.

*Read about Happily Ever After in erotic romance.

*It looks like Oysters & Chocolate new press, OC Erotic Books is up and running (and open for submissions).

* I am off on my journey to discover as much about steampunk as I can and have stumbled across this wonderful collection of art and photography.

*Check out my newest ebook, Drawn to Darkness, at Noble Romance for only $1.50!

* For those of you who like the sensual feeling of your fingertips upon freshly printed smut, you can now order a paperback copy of Seducing The Myth on Amazon.com!

* It looks like Ellora's Cave is expanding to include a whole new line of erotica for men. Imagine that! Check out the guidelines at the EC website if you think you can turn up the heat for the poor, neglected males out there.

* I discovered the other day that the lovely editors of Oysters and Chocolate (which I love, love, love!) are opening their own press. The site says they are launching in late fall 2011, and I can't wait to see their spin on epublishing. Check out their guidelines.

* Steampunk jewelry is off the charts cool. Octopus necklace, Flight to the Past pendant,  and the Silver Butterfly cuff.